It’s Time You Learn How To Be Your Own Person

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Have you ever known someone so well that it was a bit scary? You and that person just click. This is your person (#shoutout to Grey’s Anatomy). Everything about them works for you even the stuff that absolutely annoys you. Because again, this is your person!

Well, I had a person. We went together like peanut butter and jelly. Rum and coke. Tom and Jerry. Mike and Ike. It was magnetic. We could talk all day, every day. From text to Instagram to FaceTime. It was non stop laughter and good times. Bad day after work? You call them and they are right there. You didn’t have to get dressed up and paint on your best face for this person.

I knew that even on my roughest day, this person had my back. I might go off the radar for days because I needed “me” time but when I was back on the grid, this person picked up like we never left off. You never took them for granted and made sure they knew how much they meant to you.

Then one day my person was gone. Not like they died or had to go away. You just realized you couldn’t be “people” anymore. Well, each other’s people. You know your person. You had to let them go. Not that anything bad happened or maybe it did. But either way parting ways seemed liked the best idea. Maybe not forever but for that moment, it was just too much. Something wasn’t right.

Days go by. Weeks even but you still think about this person. You start talking to this person again because being apart just didn’t work. You hit them up and pick up like nothing ever happened. That is your person again. You’re back like you never left. Texting, FaceTiming and Instagramming all the memes. All is well.

But then you come to that point where you must separate again. Something just isn’t right. While you hate not having this person around, having them around is just as bad. And once again you miss this person. A part of you is gone. But this time you know it’s for the best. You understand that’s what to be will be but it’s really difficult to accept that.

If this is you, learn to be good without your person. Spend some time alone connecting with yourself so no one ever has to complete you in that way again. Be your own coach and keep yourself in the game of moving on. TC mark

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