25 Things A 25 Year-Old Should Do

1. Go on a date with someone you met on social media.

2. Dance as if no one is watching.

3. Laugh until you cry.

4. Cry until you laugh.

5. Cook a new meal… Spaghetti is fine, but step out the box.

6. Sit at the bar alone…. And enjoy it.

7. Scream until it hurts (Release all your worry and frustration).

8. Go streaking (Even if it’s just around your house).

9. Stay up late drinking wine and eating pizza… And still make it to work on time.

10. Say goodbye to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)… It becomes more prevalent to miss out with age.

11. Sit up straight… Back problems come with age… Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

12. Change your hair… No reason your high school senior pics match your work ID.

13. Develop your own style… Wear what makes you feel good and look good.

14. Read more… Not just your texts and Facebook post.

15. Start researching healthcare… This is your last year under your parents’ plan.

16. Keep a journal… Read it at 35 and see how you’ve grown.

17. Stop buying cheap liquor… Buy the good stuff, you work hard, you deserve it.

18. Pay for the first round… Stop waiting to see if anyone else offers to first.

19. Do something that scares you… You’ll feel better afterwards.

20. Develop a workout regime. Pounds pack on a lot faster and disappear a lot slower.

21. Fall in love… With yourself… Then falling in love with someone else will be ten times. better

22. Take a trip alone… Even if it’s just for a weekend in the next town, spend some alone time with you.

23. Let go of a friendship that isn’t doing you any good… Dropping baggage always feels great.

24. Give more… Time and money… Help someone else.

25. Live. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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