10 Reasons Why Brunch Has Become The Default 20-Something Activity

Brunch and a 20-something…

Brunch has been around for years, but 20-somethings have taken it by storm! 20-somethings make brunch a huge deal and an important part of life. It’s the necessary thing to do. Here’s why…

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1. Endless mimosas and a meal for usually less than $30 bucks.

2. Recap of the weekend with your friends. What better way to relive Friday and Saturday’s fun than over a great meal… and you guessed it, More Drinks!

3. You feel too old or tired to go out to a club or bar for your birthday, so you host a “Grown & Sexy” brunch to show how “mature” you are.

4. A means to last night’s hangover. Still to drunk too cook and need more drinks to kill the throbbing headache you’re currently suffering from.

5. Funds are tight… Brunch at the right time can serve as your one Sunday meal. (You can bum food off your coworkers on Monday.)

6. You have the perfect dress… Only it’s not perfect for work or for a night on the town. Brunch means getting cute cause we all know someone is posting a pic to the gram.

7. Who needs a reason to drink? Not a 20-something. Brunch explains your reason for drinking at noon.

8. Eating breakfast once the day is halfway over doesn’t feel like a crime to you.

9. Pool party, cool rooftop, poetry fest can all be done over a plate of pancakes at the right brunch.

10. Brunch becomes “Sunday Funday” instead of the dreadful day before Monday. TC mark

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