Take It From Me Love, Don’t Give Up So Easily

Jimmy Bay
Jimmy Bay

Life has no rule book.

There is absolutely nothing that can help you understand what is coming . All we have is ourselves and how we react to situations, people, words, actions. Every single person is going through something or is about to go through something. That’s life.

Don’t let social media fool you. Those pictures are certainly glamorous, but take it from me love, I don’t post unhappy crap because I don’t want to be labeled a crazy, emotional, depressed person.

We all lose and we all gain. What’s worse is we seem to give up on each other.

We give up on moms, Dads, siblings, friends, and significant others. Take it from me love, I have lost my dad to illness, I lost friends because of stupidity, and I have lost people I fell in love with.

However, I refuse to give up.

Remember life has no rule book? Who says you have to walk away? Move on? Why can’t you just be?

Just be still if you want. React the way you want. Try to create boundaries if you must, but remember this is your life. You can create your own rules. You can create your own wisdom. You know the advice you should keep and the advice you shouldn’t. Listen to you.

And for goodness sake give people second, third, fourth chances if you want because we only get one life and giving up when it’s hard just doesn’t seem right. Just remember you will know what your limits are because you are you and everyone is different.

Every book is different. There is no universal rule book because life is unpredictable.

Create a life where you restore and build people up. Not give up. Take it from me love, you may just be happy you did so. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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