Questions For Past, Present, And Future Boyfriends

Where have you been all my life?

Do you like me?

Are we friends? Acquaintances?

Why did you not mention meeting for coffee again, did you forget or did you change your mind?

Don’t you want to see me?

Do you think I’m ugly?

Would you ever marry me?

Could you ever marry me?

Why did you do that two years ago, that thing where we were almost together but then you decided it would just be easier to ignore me?

Do you regret it?

Do you like talking to me?

Do you ever think about me?

Do you miss me?

Have you ever stayed online for hours just waiting for me to come online and then had your heart flutter
when my little green dot appeared?

Would you guess that I’ve done that more times than I care to have counted, for you?

And did you know that I’m scared to talk to you sometimes, because I’m afraid that you’ll somehow find out how crazy I am about you?

Should I tell you that I really like you?

Do you like cuddling?

What sort of person are you in your most vulnerable state?

If I told you I loved you, what would your reaction be?

Are you as scared of death as I am?

Do you like children?

Would you hit our children?

Will you become abusive in the future?

Can we adopt a cow?

Is your second toe longer than your first, like mine?

Why is religion so important to you?

What if we both marry someone else, will I spend the rest of my life thinking I’m supposed to be with you?

Am I supposed to be with you?

What if God doesn’t exist, what would that mean for your perception of the world?

Do you think humans are inherently evil?

Have you ever kissed a girl?

Can’t you just imagine us cuddling?

Are you romantic?

Will you hold my hand?

Do you think humans are meant to be monogamous?

Do you think we could do it, for life?

Would you ever cheat on me?

Can you cook?

Do you ever get really sad that you suddenly find your eyes filled with tears?

What are your eyes like?

Did you know that I get so self conscious around you that I can’t look you in the eye?

What is your view on public displays of affection?

Can I kiss you without asking?

Did you notice that I just asked to kiss you?

Does anything ever remind you of me?

Can you fix my laptop?

What’s your shoes size?

You have really big feet don’t you?

Does that mean your penis is large?

Did you know that your feet are the same length as your forearm?

Can you draw?

Did you know that your smile is the cutest?

Will you let me love you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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