The Beauty In The Untamed

Learn to find beauty in all things untamed like fire

This is for the fire signs

He unraveled me with his words

Made me forget who I was in his eyes

Made me speak less with his lips

But in the drop of a dime, he lost interest

If only I caught feelings for myself the way I fell for you

Everything changed

I felt the shift

I have never felt anything like that so I chased the feeling of desire

The way an addict chases a high

The sensation lured me in

I left no mystery, nothing to chase, nothing to discover

I became an open book too soon

As a fire sign, I was bound to be destructive

Bound to burn anything that came in my way

He aimed to be a tree from my favorite children’s book

But that is all in the past now

Just a memory I try to forget

Like a phoenix, I dissolved to ashes to rise again even stronger than before

Reclaim your vulnerability as a strength

Regenerate yourself again

Win again

Rise again

All I ever learned was to bet on myself

They will claim to care

But the actions will rarely show it

The true intentions and spirit unveil themselves when the lies unravel

When they can’t see your value

Take a step back and find solace in silence

Don’t lose sight of your light too

What feels like a dead end and burned bridge

May actually be a clear path to start anew

You are the alchemist and the leader

The love I yearned from him

Rose within myself

Detach idealization and clear the fog of romanticizing what’s not present

Find the real connection within

The warmth of self-love has been waiting for you all along

As time and life goes on, so must you

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