Don’t Mistake My Kindness For Weakness, My Love For Powerlessness


I am a woman.

Please don’t mistake my kindness for my weakness.

I can raise storms from the settled dust but I choose to offer shelter for I know warriors too seek solace and not wounds.

I am a woman.

Please don’t belittle my sacrifice. I do not shrink from the hurt, I feed on it.
Not all battles are accounted for, the ones we fight often go unnoticed
for glory is reserved for the victorious and we don’t foster pride, only love that demands loss.

I am a woman.

Please don’t think you’re my world.
My sun will shine just fine without you.
I will rescue another drowning heart, one that reciprocates love with equal ardor, like it owes me the air it breathes.
And I will leave, like you left me out in the cold, only without the baggage and the remorse.

I am a woman.

Please remember, my love is a choice, and I could withdraw if I liked. I just don’t. TC mark


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