10 Pieces Of Advice Situationists Would Give Us Today

Maybe you‘re not familiar with the term, but Situationism was an artistic and political movement which was consisted of intellectuals that were very active during the 60s. They believed that art was a fundamental part of everyday life and their slogan was Revolution in Everyday Life. If they‘d live nowadays I believe they would give the following advice.

1. Forget about your schedule.

It’s true that modern people like to be pinned to their busy schedules. 9-5 job, Saturday supermarket sally, dentist appointment and weekly yoga classes are surgically placed on their digital calendar. But all these, as appealing as may seem to some extraordinary beings, leave no time for personal growth. Being stuck to a strict agenda means no time for new meetings and no interacting with new people in every possible way. And how can a life be with the absence of new players in the field? Dull and boring, if you asked me. So, make time for that meeting you didn’t think you could make it, with that people that you don’t know very well. It might be delightfully surprising.

2. Be out and about. Turn off your GPS and Google Maps.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know some people can’t even go to the closest kiosk to buy cigarettes without advising their Google Maps and check in on FourSquare. But guess what? Getting lost sometimes leads you to spectacular places. Remember that time, when you were looking for the cool place your friends told you about and you ended up to a completely different far more awesome one? Yup, that’s what I’m talking about. It is proven that it will have a radical effect on your psychosynthesis. Trust me on that.

3. Be on the alert with love.

This one might sound as a cliché, but you know what they say, most clichés are true. Nothing can lift you up like love does. It lies on the core of every human being, it is the most desirable feeling and rules many lives. Without it we can’t live and in the presence of it we lose our words, our appetite and our sleep. I could go on forever, since I’m a hopeless romantic who lives for love. For all I know I’m going to agree with them when they say: “Let love be your life’s wine and allow yourself to be an AA”.

4. Don’t be boring. Invent new sex positions.

One of nowadays’ biggest and most common problem is boredom. I‘m really wondering how this happens, because I have so many things to do that 24 hours are not even enough for a day. But for all the things that are out there to play with and explore, people still prefer to consume themselves and waste their time. So, stop being a couch potato and do it the Situationist way. Have lots of sex with your partner and dedicate yourself in finding new positions. To tell you the truth I’ve never been bored in my life, but this looks like the best cure, completely fulfilling and satisfying.

5. Play like there’s no tomorrow.

After some sexy playing you’ll need to remember the days back when you were young and curious and you could spend endless hours constructing your Legos. My dear friends (Situationists) used to live upon the belief that people should never suppress their inner child and take advantage of each playful opportunity that finds its way through your life. It could be small things like playing hide and seek with your dog or trolling around on the internet.

6. Creativity is your life’s Siamese sister.

Most people think that art and creativity are privileges of the “artistic” types, or of those whose job is related to that. Wrong. Creativity lies in each and every one of us, all we need to do is let it out. You don’t need to be a professional painter to call yourself an artist. You can be a librarian and still enjoy making collages of old photos and acrylic or take photos of weird animals and stick them together to an abstractive puzzle. All you have to do is use your imagination and the means provided to you.

7. Surrender to randomness – Then tweet about it.

Exploring your city, town or even the small village you live in isn’t something that’s going to happen of its own accord. You consciously have to surrender yourself to the pleasure of randomness and purposeless wondering. It is possible that this plan may sound unfamiliar and crazy, but don’t bide your time and I promise you‘ll blaze a trail. Plus you can take some cool photos and then tweet and brag about your new experience, which can be pretty rewarding.

8. Take off your 3D glasses. Be the hero(ine) of your personal series.

Yes I admit it. Watching movies and TV series is way easier and tremendous entertaining, but it lacks something important. Personal involvement. We can consume hundreds of filmed stories, but none of them will be our own. We won’t possess all those experiences neither we will act upon complicated enigmas. In all you should go out there and live your own script. Don’t be a slave of the spectacle.

9. Take the rough with the smooth.

Fear has taken over many lives and conquered many souls, but it has to be held and exterminated, for the greater good. I bet you can’t recall when it was the last time you had a new experience. A real experience that pressed a little switch of you. That’s why you‘ve got to stop being afraid and just do it (like Nike). Is it bunjee-jumping? Taking part on a theater show or writing your first e-book? Nothing is worth of holding you back due to fear. Kick it in the guts and be the badass you always wanted to be. Don’t forget even in the worst scenario that can happen there’s some good with it.

10. Destroy your role models.

Fake role models and unrealistic images appear everywhere. The wise thing to do is recognize it and fight back by being your own role model. Be the person you want to admire. Live a full life and create original messages that serve a higher purpose. Because I know you can create something great that you’ll be proud of. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Jonas Nilsson Lee

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