I’m Getting Really Tired Of Hearing About Rape Stories

Not reading a rape story has become a rarity these days. To be very honest, rarest of the rarities, is it not?

Although I am a journalist myself, and considering that one of the professional requirements of this career is to be strong headed, I feel very disturbed; to sometimes even think about rape incidents.

I remember how many times I avoided reading the 2012 Delhi gang rape related news because, to put it simply, “it disturbed me.”

And it is not just about her, the mere thought of the horror and depression that a woman goes through because of a man’s wickedness…makes my blood boil.

I remember as a young girl, once I had even “decided” to become a Batwoman kind of a super-woman and exterminate all the world’s rapists. Well, I soon realized that the idea was ridiculous and far-fetched and of course it never materialized.

I wonder sometimes how I will deal with the situation when my children will go through news websites and papers, and come across rape stories. I remember my parents encouraging me to read newspapers from a very early age, but I feel like deciding on the complete opposite. I am going to expose my children to as much literature as possible, but general knowledge books and shows probably could take the place of newspapers for a period of time, maybe.

The idea sounds ridiculously impractical, I know. But I want my children to stay away from rape stories. I want them to remain innocent and naive at least through their early teenage years. Considering all the world’s technologies, social media web and apps that can be accessed by anyone these days and the kind of exposure they give, there will already be too much attack on their young minds.

On top of that I would never want my child to come up to me and ask, “Mamma what is rape?” Or worse have doubts like, “Mamma, is a girl raped when she wears short clothes?” Or worst, “Mamma, I wish I was born a boy.”

But what am I really blabbering?

“Rape stories will remain as long as rape remains.”

Sadly it is beyond high time. But the world still lacks the dedication to fight the crime that has tightly gripped our lives like an incurable curse.

Would not some honest actions, and not just talk, make our women feel safer on streets and homes?

How can we get to a place where we’ll stop having to listen to rape stories? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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