The Changing Face Of Society

People fear failure because nobody wants to be judged.

People fear of being judged by society — now who is this society? Society is composed of people like you and me; so do we fear each other? The answer is yes!

We all crave for acceptance from our friends, family, colleagues, and society at large. Earlier, getting acceptance was more important rather than being true to yourself, but this is changing. Society is changing, you and I are changing, we are accepting each other the way we are.

People no longer feel fear — fear of being judged, being rejected. We all are slowly accepting the flaws in each other, accepting that there is no such thing as black and white, right and wrong, that there are multiple shades and reasons. A woman who leaves her children her abusive husband is not being judged as a selfish woman — people no longer see things through one perspective. Living your life, the way you want and how you want has become more important than what others want from you or how others want you to live your life. Earlier doing what is right is more important than doing what you love, now doing what you love is more important than doing what is right…. And who will decides what is right and wrong, a right for one is wrong for another, well that is still debatable.

The ever changing face of society is the evidence that being progressive is more important than being regressive, and coming out is more important than hiding in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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