How To Break Up With Someone

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Breaking news alert everyone: Breaking up with someone is easier than you think (although it never seems like it). When the thought of ending things with your partner comes into your mind, you probably don’t end it automatically. Is it because you’re scared you won’t find anyone better? Are you worried of what life will look like after the relationship?

There are plenty of reasons why we hesitate to pull the trigger on ending our relationship. In pre-marriage relationships, people are worried about how the other person is going to react, will they talk bad about them, and will they want to be their friend afterward. While in marriages people justify staying together by saying they have chosen their life or they stay together for the kids.

More often, we would rather suffer in our current situation rather than face the uncertain future of being without our current partner.

We are so anxious on what we should do, that we end up doing nothing. We stay in the relationship even though it has ceased to make us happy for a long time. I am guilty of this because I have stayed in relationships way too long as I’ve been scared of what life would look like without my partner.

When you’re confused if you should leave, ask yourself “Will you miss them or will you miss the presence and familiarity of your partner?”

How to break it off.

Ask yourself the question, “Would I be able to find happiness without my current partner?” The answer, although probably not able to be seen at the moment, will be “Yes, you will still be happy.”

Here is the 3 step process you should use to break off your relationship:

  • Get some courage
  • Meet in person
  • Tell them how you truly feel (the good and the bad)
  • Let them know you think the relationship has run its course
  • Accept whatever comes next

Honestly, these are the hardest three steps to take, because you feel as though you’re disappointing a person you truly care about and are hurting them. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, you will both either find a way back to one another or learn to live without one another.

After the breakup, you’ll be able to understand how you both dealt with it because the loyal one is the one who stays single for a while to heal and understand what could be improved for the next relationship. The other person is typically the one already in another relationship.

Think about your relationship. Are you happy? Do you desire your partner? No one knows the answers to these questions but you. It’s your life, and if you want to make the most of it, it is time to leave the relationship that’s doing nothing but causing you stress.

Make sure you remember this or perhaps realize that you should leave the relationship and rebuild once again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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