Here’s Why Timing Doesn’t Matter When It Comes To Finding Your Forever Person

Toa Heftiba

Timing is a bitch, right? We meet someone perfect right before we head to college. We are about to leave for a new job, and we meet someone randomly at the coffee shop. Now, timing in these situations sucks. In fact, most people would say it’s catastrophic.

But does timing truly matter when the best things in life are typically not planned?

Many people would argue timing does matter when meeting new people, but what happened to “If you truly want something, you’ll do whatever it takes to get it?” Timing sucked for me when I met my current girlfriend because I had it in my mind I was not going to date anyone. I was dead set on being single, but sometimes you just have to go with it and see what happens.

Timing should not matter if someone truly cares to be with you.

Life throws so much shit at all of us. In fact, if we are not conscious of remaining positive, life can turn negative extremely fast. I find most people’s habit of focusing on negativity can turn their relationships deadly since they cannot seem to see all the beauty in their potential partner.

Because of this, when we meet someone, we should think about what can happen, how great they are, and how we can help them improve their life.

Timing is unimportant because if the girl or guy you meet is awesome, nothing else should matter. It should not matter that you are leaving, it should not matter that you do not live in that town, and your ego should stay out of the picture.

Life is too short to pass things up because we are scared and at the end of the day, if we believe we want something, timing is irrelevant.

When I think of the best moments I have had, I know I did not plan 90% of those experiences. I went with the flow and they happened. I was not planning on meeting an awesome girl who I would want to spend my time with, but I met her.

People who are uncertain of life wait.
People like you and I go after what we think we want.

Life waits for no one, so why think of everything that can go wrong when you meet someone special? Instead, look for what can go right.

Relationships make life awesome. We can go to work, go to the gym, hang out with friends, but nothing compares to sharing part of your life with someone whom you consider special. Many people wait for what they think they want, when in reality, they do not know what they want or never imagined where they will end up.

Life is crazy, and through it all, we manage to try and be happy. We try to fill our life with distractions, but what if you met someone amazing at school, the bar, dancing, or at the park.

Would you give it a chance and see what it could become? The choice is yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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