How Otherkins Harm The Equality Movement

Franca Gimenez
Franca Gimenez

The cause of gender equality and diversity is doomed for failure if people continue to embrace, in blind emotionality, imagined “genders” and become far too easily offended when a voice of reason points out the unrealistic expectations of society to magically understand, accept and embrace trans identity when it’s being tainted with fantasy and the unintelligible pronouns associated with it.

I am not talking about genderfluid, agender, neutrois, and any other related gender on the binary spectrum. I’m talking about the fantastical ideations unrelated to human nature. I’m not saying these identities are invalid, or that the people who have them are bad. Everyone should be free to identify however they please as long as it doesn’t activate or exacerbate any current or underlying mental illness.

Realistically, though, anyone who is cis is less likely to accept anything contrary to their understanding of gender when they are expected to read minds and use words that have no relative meaning in any language. 

On the other hand, those on the binary spectrum can be just as self-righteous by harshly criticizing people for unwittingly not doing or saying the right thing. Anyone trying to impose their will — forfeiting patience and the motive to educate — is never going to be taken seriously. Once you prove yourself to be radically unstable and thoughtlessly persistent you lose all credibility.

I’m not being hateful, or bigoted, or phobic. I’m trying to ensure everyone’s acceptance — whether our identity is neurological or imaginary — by placating to humanity’s current collective idea of truth. Nothing progresses and nothing evolves when we let emotions rule where logic presides. The time to let those emotions flow is the moment we are victorious.

Some would probably say that by me calling things like “fish-gender” or “shnarfelkin” imaginary is insulting, but that’s no different than me calling the moon celestial or calling coffee a beverage. Observing a fact does not mean you are criticizing it. How I personally feel about otherkin is irrelevant aside from how it negatively affects the cause of equality and acceptance. 

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is completely ridiculous, but I would never deny their right to exist as a religion. If they had a representative trying to plea for the right to marry a bowl of penne pasta while others were pleading for the right to marry the gender of their choice, then I’d have to insist they get real and seek therapy.

If there’s no biological basis then there’s no room for discussion. You can’t argue the validity of vegetarianism when someone in the room is claiming to be a banana. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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