You Are The Expert Of Your Own Life

There are many self-help books, gurus and television shows designed to help us discover our purpose in life. Deepak Chopra and Don Miguel Ruiz are two notable ones who have shaped my personal quest with their books and guided meditations. In addition to reading their words, regular yoga practice has been instrumental in streamlining my mind and body to a space of calm and focused living.

Transformation has been a buzzword of mine for close to a decade, and I know what is needed to have a breakthrough, yet sometimes I fall incredibly short. Regardless of everything I have read and practiced, there is nothing more beneficial than having an honest conversation with myself about the next steps.

I’d imagine those self-help authors have an acute sense of self, which would make them experts in their field. While they write objectively, I am sure large parts of their work is subjective. I recommend “The Mastery of Love” and “The Four Agreements” to anyone who asks me about books that have strongly impacted my life. However, what is meaningful and impactful for me, may not necessarily be for another.

The events that have led me to this point are subjective and personal to me, just like the authors I admire so much. However, what good are books and a yoga practice if I did not truly pay attention to the lessons being provided by the universe? What good is a self-help book if I don’t seek out the lesson and only focus on the breakdown or the fallout of the lesson? Healing takes place when I make room for it to happen.

People often ask for my opinion on life’s questions, and my answer is always subjective. I am not an expert on life, but I am an expert on learning myself. I am not in possession of any more knowledge than anyone else. I do not have answers like that of a sage, but I am forthcoming about my failures, shortcomings, and breakdowns BECAUSE that is where I learned how to heal.

Lessons regarding heartbreak of every kind provide the access to really find the light in the abyss of the darkest places. The bits and pieces of myself I have lost are put together in ways that have become sturdier, steadfast, and resilient. Yes, the words from books help, but nothing helps me more than being honest about and present to how the pain is opening me up to be more powerful and filled with compassion and empathy for my journey and the journey of others.

No matter what kind of crisis you’re having, the answer is the same: look within. Your story up to this point is what led you to your big question, and your answer is right within your soul. You may think you’re lost, but confusion is a self-imposed distraction pulling you away from focusing on your truth. You are not confused, you lack focus. Silence the extra voices and the opinions of others about your truth, because how could they know? No one knows ALL the parts of your story but you, and the parts that you refuse to share with others automatically disqualifies anyone else’s opinion of how you should live your fullest life.

You can seek guidance, allow the words of trusted advisors to marinate, yet nothing will resonate with you more than the answers stemming from yourself. You are an expert on yourself, a guru, a sage, and you possess all the answers you are seeking. Trust yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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