What It Really Means To Be A Strong Woman


Strong women. Have you ever met one? Have you been honored enough to have one in your life? I have. I’ve witnessed them do otherworldly things. I’ve watched as they quietly chase their dreams and exceed their expectations. I’ve seen them rise to the occasion tireless times. I’ve admired them as they flawlessly balance careers, stack up degrees, organize chaotic home lives, and manage crumbling relationships and still ask, “How can I help?”

I’ve watched their hearts get broken three times in one week, and still get up. I’ve seen them choose love and silently swallow pain. I’ve seen them stand loyal and unwavering by their partner’s side. I’ve watched, as they remain steadfast and honest. Even when he didn’t deserve it. Even after he ripped her heart out and served it carelessly to the least deserving person. I’ve watched them be his pillar of strength as he tries to do better and to be better.

I’ve watched as they stand on the sidelines and cheer him on.

I’ve seen them angry and heard them yell. In the same token, I’ve watched as they regain composure, apologize, and talk it through into the morning hours. All in the name of love. I’ve watched them choose grace, understanding, and kindness over destruction and madness. I’ve watched as they put their heads down and pushed through as the world pushed back. I’ve seen them bravely and ferociously show up on days that didn’t seem worth living. I’ve watched as they put others first, and felt as they put me first.

I know strong women because I have two of them as sisters and one as my mother. I have them as friends, cousins, and aunts.  They are the ones I rely on. The women I call at any hour. When everything is wrong, they make it right. These are the women that pick me up when I fall. These are the women who stay after he leaves. These are the ones whose tears I’ve cried and who have cried mine. They are the ones whose hands I’ve held and they’ve held mine.

They are the ones who make me who I am. Who remind me what I stand for. Who tell me not to give up. Who lead by example. Who feel my heart and I feel theirs.

They are my family and they are my friends. These women are I as I am they. We are the ones holding each other up as others try to knock us down.

You will never break us. We will never fall. We are love and love wins every single time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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