I Had A Dream About Lupe Fiasco And It Completely Changed My Life

Arielle London
Arielle London

A couple of years back I had a dream about Lupe Fiasco. In it, Lupe and I first go to a museum and check out the exhibit, and then we end up at a school. First inside the classroom as students, and then outside on the school grounds. The dream was very particular for me, as I have reflected on it many times since I encountered the vision in REM, but now I truly don’t know what to make of it.

Why, you ask?

Last week I went on a two-hour long walk in an area of Montreal that I’d never been to before. I was essentially being a tourist in my own city. I had a destination, and I could’ve gone by bus but I decided to take a tour of what’s just to my East in the city. I was in a mental state where I was looking for answers. I had been feeling this way for days, like I just needed some sort of sign, and on my way home I got it.

I turned a corner and ended up on a residential street I had never been on in my life. I cannot stress this enough, I had never been there before in my life. And then across the street, I saw it, the school from the Lupe dream.

Now many schools are similar looking, but this school isn’t. It has these very particular suspended blue squares decorating the top of the staircase. In my dream, every detail of this school was exactly as it was in real life, from the blue squares down to the small soccer field at the edge of the schools grounds.

I was beside myself. Besides being a major universal “What The Fuck” moment, it was a really notable one. I just encountered somewhere that I had only seen in my dreams…and it was real.

Now, I don’t know what this says about dreams, but I know that it definitely demonstrates the unknown powers of the human psyche and human experience. I know that there is more than meets the eye to everything. I know the eerie things that have happened when I’ve been alone, or even in a group of people, that are just inexplicable to most. I know that these things are real, but there was something beyond awe-striking about coming across that school.

I have definitely experienced things that are beyond our superficial understandings of the world, but this dream is the eeriest experience I have had yet.

Dreams are kind of personal, and I don’t always like sharing mine, but when I saw this school I knew that I needed to write a piece on it, it was just too big of a moment to let pass by. In this dream Lupe is basically imparting wisdom onto me the entire time, kind of acting as a guide. First he guides me through this awkwardly laid out museum, and then we end up in the classroom. I think we may have pissed off the teacher with a set of inquisitive questions, I can’t really remember but then at the bell ring we end up outside the school walking right by the suspended blue squares hanging in between the brick on the outside wall. It is somewhere around the sidewalk where Lupe and I would part ways.

But how to make sense of this? I am used to having big questions go unanswered just like most of us are, but how on earth do I make sense of the fact that I visited a place that actually exists in real life, in a dream, when I had never been to that place before?

That night I came home and did some research on dreams. I came up with no explanations for how this could be possible. A lot of different traditions see a supernatural nature to our dreams and I suppose part of me can accept that, but for the most part I came up short. I have definitely experienced things that are beyond our superficial understandings of the world, but this dream is the eeriest experience I have had yet.

But was I scared? Nope, not for a second. Sure there was a pause-worthy element to the moment, and ya I stood back staring at this school like it couldn’t possibly exist in real life, but I wasn’t scared. There have been too many crazy moments in my life, especially over the last 5 years that have prepared me to see an escalation of inexplicable things. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that way.

So I’m putting my question to you, Thought Catalog reader. How do you think we can explain what happened with my dream? I know that I was looking for answers on that walk, but as most answers do, it has left me with more questions.

The floor is yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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