Maybe Everything Is Okay When You’ve Got Someone To Hold Your Hand

Trina Christian
Trina Christian

when we first started dating i was swimming through stalactite caves of hell but he took my hand and told me he wouldn’t let go no matter how many caves i ducked into

i still visit them often, although not like before, slipping into darkness – sometimes right when i wake up or as i’m falling asleep sometimes when he tries to kiss me but i can’t sometimes when a friend looks away when im being honest and i just need her to see me

i’ve tried running in every direction gravity would allow

i thought at least the sweat of my effort the tears of my escape would make his hand slip loose but it stays with him he hasn’t let go not yet
i’m not convinced by anything and i don’t know anything except for what feels right and i don’t even know what that is anymore it’s been a while since i felt sure

but maybe that’s okay when someone’s holding your hand Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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