5 Benefits Of Solo Travel That Everyone Needs To Experience

Twenty20 / Zhora
Twenty20 / Zhora

1. Experience true freedom

It’s not just about the freedom of going anywhere you like without having to consider another person’s opinion. It’s about the freedom of everything else too! Feel like eating at a roadside food stand? Go ahead! Want to sleep in till noon? Sleep away! Want to pack up and take a train to the next city? Just do it!

No need to worry about the opinion of your travel companions. Where to go, what to eat, when to sleep, who to talk to, YOU decide!

2. It’s a great confidence booster

Everything will have to be done on your own, from interacting with the locals to looking for directions. Yes, these might seem like daunting tasks but after travelling alone, you’ll get used to having to do things on your own and with every little task that you complete, you’ll feel the euphoria of hitting a little milestone. Nothing feels better than to find out that you’re more capable than you thought you were.

The more you travel alone, the more confident you’ll feel. No mountain is too high to scale, no challenge is too daunting to overcome. By bringing this new level of confidence home, you’ll be able to tackle problems better. Just remember, you’ve survived alone in foreign land, nothing can be harder than that!

3. It’s easier to stay in your budget

Everyone has different expectations. What might suit you, might not be suitable for your travel companion. For example, you might be okay with staying in a budget hotel and would rather spend the extra money on good food. Your partner however, might feel like money should be spent on more comfortable accommodation.

When travelling alone, there won’t be a need to worry about having to spend extra money on things that you think are not worth spending on. Overall, it’s easier to stick to your budget and you won’t have to worry about overspending because you’re travelling with someone with a different and more expensive taste.

4. Less drama

7 days with the same partner is more than enough for you to be sick of each other. Little squabbles ae inevitable when spending too much time with the same person. I’m not saying that we should all lead solidarity lives and avoid interacting with another human being for more than 3 minutes. But don’t you think that having 7 days to yourself is better than spending 7 days bickering with your companion? Let’s leave the drama for after the holiday, yeah?

5. Pamper yourself

What better way to treat yourself than to give yourself some alone time? Forget the work, forget the deadlines, forget the partner, and forget the kids. These things get your attention daily, when will you pay some attention to yourself? It’s not every day where you get to sit on the beach and not have to worry if your partner is bored or if the kids have put enough sunblock. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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