You Are Beautifully Broken, And Someone Is Going To Love You For It

Artem Kovalev
Artem Kovalev

Everyone is broken in one way or another. But yet the idea of being broken is supposed to make us feel like something is wrong with us. Or no one will love us because of it. When in fact, it is part of what makes us so unique.

Your brokenness doesn’t define you. It is a part of you, yes. But it is not who you are.

You are a survivor. A warrior. A wandering soul looking for a safe place to land. You are every beat your heart makes and every wonderful idea your mind creates. You are strong and resilient. And you know how to protect your heart.

Someone is going to love you not because you are broken, but because you don’t let it consume you. Someone is going to love every scar on your battered heart and every tear that has stained your face. Someone is going to be what you need to fully heal. They will be your saving grace and a safe place to land.

Because you are beautiful.

And you are incredibly made.

You are going to find this person. Because they are out there doing the same. They could be miles away or closer to you than you thought. But just know that they are there.

There is something so intimate about sharing your past heartbreaks with someone. Because it takes more than casual conversation for you to feel okay with sharing such personal information. Information that maybe only your close friends and family may know about. It is a bonding experience like no other.

And when you find the right person, they are going to love you even more for it. They are going to hold you close and make it feel just a little less painful. They are going to understand when you’ve said enough and won’t pry. And they are going to show you their scars too.

So don’t let this part of you tell you you aren’t good enough to be loved. Don’t let society tell you that something is wrong with you since your heart is a little battered. Because that is so far from the truth.

Every jagged edge is a story to tell. A road map of everything you’ve gone through. And every frozen moment is a marker of where you’ve been.

Now I don’t know your name or your story, but promise me this. Promise me you won’t stop searching for this person. And I promise to do the same. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I am a girl who isn’t afraid to write out parts of her story, in hopes of helping those who need to hear these words.

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