A Happy Ending Isn’t Too Far Away

From childhood, little girls believed in things called fairy tales. They got used to believe that somewhere out there exists a knight in shining armor, maybe even a prince who will come galloping in his magnificent white horse to help them live their lives the way they dreamt them to be, and then make them incredibly happy.

Not everyone has a glass slipper, but at some point in your life, you were just like the famous Cinder girl. You started deaming as a child, longing for a perfect story, looking out the window most nights in search of a falling star. You made yourself believe there’s such thing as a fairy godmother to grant all your wishes and that her magic wand makes impossible things happen. You created a drawing of a perfect man, someone to call your prince, someone to rescue you, and give you your own “happy-ever-after.”

But as you come of age, reality acts like the evil stepmother popping your balloon of fantasies. It makes you realize that fairies don’t likely exist, that there is a real-life prince, but not every girl gets to have him. You’ll learn what the word “love” is about – that it isn’t always about happy endings, that it isn’t as easy as a single flick of a magic wand. And at most, you have to get hurt first before you understand what it really means.

The question is, what does the word “love” means apart from what we know of Cinderella’s story? Is it about finding, feeling, and living that heart-stopping-breath-taking-strikingly-intense moment and getting your happily-ever-after? Or is it about looking at a person one day, and realizing that you’re looking at that person like as if it’s the first time you’re seeing them?

Love is a rollercoaster ride. You will feel happy, you will feel sad. You will experience bliss, you will experience pain. Love will make you feel a lot of things – things you never thought were possible to actually be felt all at the same time.

Before being able to define love in the best way that you can, you have to be okay with your emotions, and be stable enough to stand by your words, actions, and decisions. Love becomes more difficult to define when you experience pain along the way. You would easily say that you’re tired, that you wish to give up, and let everything go in a blink of an eye.

Love means sacrifice. And by sacrifice, it means you’d be willing to give up your own happiness just to make that person you love, happy. And just by seeing them happy would be enough for you even if it means your own happiness is at stake. With no holds barred, when love is genuine, no matter what happens, two people in love will always find their way back to each other even if they are in two different sides of the world.

Even if love has its fair share of ups and downs, you can’t do anything about it. The worst thing you can do is to deny what you feel, when in fact, your heart is screaming to let it all out. It is something you’re supposed to express, show, and share to the world.

Keep believing. Continue loving. Start living. Dream big. Dreaming is not bad as long as it doesn’t keep you too far from reality. You get hurt, you cry, but in the end, you will learn. You just have to keep the faith because for a heart that knows how to believe, a happy ending isn’t too far away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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