14 Things That Inevitably Happen When Your Partner Is Also Your Best Friend

14 Things That Inevitably Happen When Your Partner Is Also Your Best Friend

Imagine a drug that can transform the way you see the world, one that can show you how to appreciate things in life that you normally wouldn’t pay attention to. This drug is one that can lift your mood and bring you to a high that makes you appear as if you’re glowing. Strangely enough, this drug is one that no one minds. In fact, everyone dreams about it at least once in their life and looks forward to finally tasting it. This drug is love. Love has an insane way of taking over your system. When your partner is also your best friend, that feeling multiplies tenfold.

1. Every Kiss Feels Like The First Kiss

Do you remember your first kiss with your significant other? How butterflies filled your stomach until you felt like you were about to burst from nervousness, joy, fear, or maybe all of the above at the same time? And how when it finally happened, those emotions were replaced by waves of excitement coursing through your veins? That’s how it is every single time.

2. There Are More Tears of Joy than Sorrow

When your partner is your best friend, you’ll find that you have a similar sense of humor. You’ll be laughing at everything together, so much so that you’re crying tears of joy.

3. You’ll Become Completely Comfortable With Each Other

Those pajamas that are years old and looks like they’ve been tied to the back of a car and dragged through a forest? It’s whatever. Hair that looks like a bird’s nest? No big deal. You’ll be so comfortable with each other that the things you wouldn’t dare wear in public is no problem at all with your partner.

4. Silences Are Never Awkward

Every meal together doesn’t have to be filled with conversation. You can both be silently tapping away on your phones without intrusive thoughts like, “Are they bored with me?” or, “Are they thinking about someone else?” When your partner is your best friend, every second you spend with each other is quality time, even if it’s in silence.

5. Going Through Tough Times Only Makes You Stronger

With a connection so strong, you never feel like you’re alone when you go through tough times. When all you want to do is scream, cry, and shut out the rest of the world, your partner will have your back. They will let you do what you need to do to get it out of your system then be right at your side every step of the way as you overcome the hardship. You’ll come out a stronger person and a stronger couple each time.

6. You’re Able to Talk to Each Other About Literally Everything

Nothing is off limits when your partner is also your best friend. From late night conversations about philosophy to who you think is going to be the winner of Hell’s Kitchen, you’ll never find yourself short of something to talk about.

7. There Are Things You’ve Only Shared With Each Other

Everyone has something they share with a select few. Some things you only share with one person, and sometimes that person is your partner. When you have a deep bond, you create a deep level of trust.

8. You’re Almost Always On The Same Page

With how much you talk with your partner, that means you’ll almost always be on the same page. Knowing where the other one stands on a topic is a must in long-term relationships. You might not always agree, but knowing what you do agree on means you can stand by them and support them or step back and respect their viewpoint if you disagree.

9. You Develop Your Own Secret Language

On a lighter note, almost always being on the same page means you basically read each other’s minds. You’re so in sync that you develop your own secret language. A less than a second, a quick glance can tell your partner, “No, don’t buy that thing. We already have enough at home. Don’t even touch it.” A brief nod can mean, “Okay fine, do that thing, but we’re SO going to talk about it at home.” Other people can do the exact same movements, but it will only mean something specific between you two.

10. You Won’t Feel The Need To Impress Them

On the first date, you probably dressed your absolute best. Now, you could be wearing stained sweats or the best outfit in your closet and they will find you stunning 100% of the time.

11. You’ll Find Little Habits You Never Realized Would Make You So Angry

When you’re alone, you get used to doing things a certain way. When you find that special someone, you throw a new set of habits into your routine, and you start to realize little things can annoy you to no end. Wet towels on the bed? Socks all over the floor, really? Are you serious?! When will it all end?!

12. But You’ll Also Find Habits That Make You Wonder How You Found The Perfect Person

For every habit you find that ticks you off, you’ll find two that makes your heart melt, like the way their eyes light up when they talk about their favorite hobbies or how they tend to cuddle with you in their sleep. It’s moments like these where you feel like the luckiest person in the world.

13. You Can Make Fun Of Each Other In Ways No One Else Can

All in good fun, of course. When there are things you know about each other that no one else knows, there’s bound to be some teasing here and there.

14. It Never Feels Like There’s Enough Time In The Day

There just isn’t enough time in the day when you absolutely enjoy spending time with your partner. There could be 100 hours in a day and it still wouldn’t be enough. We’ll just have to settle with a lifetime together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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