She Taught Me What I Like In Just One Night


“You kiss like a gay girl,”

Maya pulls my hips closer to hers.

“That’s a good thing.”

I’m flattered, even though I don’t know what she means.


Maya is confident and gentle. She runs her fingers down my side, brushing them lightly against my zipper. I have all my clothes on, but I imagine her fingers are warm.

“Have you done this before?” she asks.

She has grey eyes.

“I mean, I’ve made out with girls before…but, no. I haven’t.”

My thighs are shaking a little. I wonder if she notices.

“It’s good to be a little nervous,”

She rests her hand on my hip.

“You’re excited. So am I. But we should wait for your boyfriend, right?”

We sit up. He’s not my boyfriend, but I guess we should wait.

“I’ll roll a spliff.”

I met Maya outside of Pianos, this bar on the Lower East Side, earlier tonight. I’d stepped outside for a cigarette with Kellam, a guy I’ve been seeing for a month or so, and Maya asked me for a light. She had a cool vibe—kind of quietly intense. I complimented her on her Top Tens—I recognize a girl with good sneakers. I live around the corner, so after chain-smoking for a half hour or so, I invited her for a drink at my place—“smoker-friendly when my roommate’s gone.” We’ve been alone for a few minutes—Kellam just ran across the street for some ice. We’re drunk enough, but he wanted to make us Moscow Mules. I forgot to tell him I don’t have ginger beer.

“Is Kevin coming back, though? Or…”

Maya’s sitting next to me, her hand now resting in between my thighs. I think she knows his name’s Kellam.


Kellam’s back.

“I guess so.”

Maya raises her eyebrows. She’s smiling—so am I. I wonder if we’re both a little disappointed.

“You don’t have any ginger beer!”

Kellam’s loud when he’s drunk.

“Should we open this bottle of Merlot?”

“Sure,” Maya and I respond in unison, quiet enough for Kellam not to hear. I light the spliff as he opens my bedroom door, balancing three fat, red goblets.

“Oh, you rolled it already.”

“Yeah. Wanna smoke this is the living room?” I turn to Maya.

“Let’s,” Maya nods.

Maya sits next to me on the couch—Kellam takes the chair, facing us. He puts on “Late Night,” a playlist I don’t listen to often enough.

Ooo shit, I can’t lie, this is my song.”

She turns up Research (Ariana Grande x Big Sean). I laugh.

“This is everybody’s song, c’mon.”

She nods as she french inhales. We’re vibing.

Next song—French Inhale (Snoop Dogg).

“How appropriate.”

She takes another hit as she gets up to dance. It’s a slow song—I’m impressed she can move to it without looking awkward. She’s about my height—maybe a little taller. 5’6” or so. Her hips are narrow, but her figure is full and strong—so is her hair, which is shiny. And black—maybe dark brown (the room is dim). She’s got on distressed black jeans and a mostly-transparent white tank top—no bra, small breasts. She closes her eyes, smoking still—and dancing. One of her straps falls down over her shoulder. She’s got a hot body.

With her eyes closed, she giggles softly as she traces her collar bone with two manicured fingers, pinching her strap to pull it back into place.

She opens her eyes.

“Get up.”

I heed her playful command.

Next song—Ride (Ciara).

“Fuck yeah.” (This is my song.)

Maya passes me the spliff as she grabs my hip. Other hand—other hip. I take a hit, pushing my ass back into her. Pressing down with both palms, she moves her hands slowly towards my crotch. I look over at Kellam for the first time since I got up from the couch. His eyes are wide and his mouth is slightly open—this must look as good as it feels, which makes it feel even better. Our eyes lock, and I smile. He lets out a long, deep breath as he runs his fingers through his hair. I look down—his zipper looks like it’s about to burst.


“You get up, too. You didn’t come here to watch, did you?”

Kellam gets up, half-adjusting his hard-on before moving behind Maya. I haven’t been in a grind-train since seventh grade, but, let me say: the adult version is much more exciting. He reaches over, putting his one hand over Maya’s, helping her press down into me deeper.

I turn around to face her. She takes off my top. I take off hers. She pulls me back in—both hands squeezing my ass.

“Damn, you’ve got a nice ass.”

I let out a nervous giggle.

“I do? It’s so flat, though…”

She squeezes tighter.

“Nah. It’s nice,”

We start to kiss.

“Trust me.”

Kellam rushes to take off his pants and unbutton his shirt. It’s cool in here, but his abs are shiny with a thin layer of sweat. His body’s a little nervous, but as I watch him unbuckle his belt, he shoots me this primal, “I’m about to fuck you” half-smile. I realize I’m wet…very wet. I like that half-smile.

“Let’s go to your room. Maya?”

She bites my bottom lip as she peels her mouth off mine.


I push Maya down on the bed. She smiles deep and sits up, grabbing me to take off my pants. As she unzips, she kisses my underwear, slipping a hand underneath as she uses the other to pull me on top of her.

“Take off her pants.”

Salivating as I straddle her—her palm rubbing me—Kellam complies.

“And her underwear.”

I start to kiss her neck, tugging her hair a little as I go. She smells fucking incredible—like cinnamon and sweat, or something. I curl her hair around my fingers, taking my time as I work my lips up to hers. We start to kiss again. It’s aggressive this time—like it was before Kellam came. He gets behind me, slowly starting to rub Maya as he wraps his left arm around me to grab my right tit. A cool buzz runs down my spine—his cock is hard. Like, think Greek-statue-who’s-about-to-lose-his-virginity hard. Very hard. It’s flirting with my ass a bit, which I didn’t know I like. A lot.

Slowly, Maya presses her middle finger into my vagina. Kellam mimics her. Excited, she holds her breath for a few moments as he places his thumb on her clit, moving it in light, quick circles. She arches her back as she does the same to mine. I can feel all three of our bodies vibrating. As I close my eyes, Maya takes her hand off my pussy, using it, instead, to lead Kellam’s cock inside me.

“F—uck. Fuck. That feels good.”

Kellam moves both his hands to push my hips back as he starts to fuck me. Very. Hard. He’s usually good in bed, but not as aggressive as I’d like—but I never realized that before tonight. Tonight, though, he’s on fucking fire. With every forceful thrust, he lets out a deep, lingering grown that melts into the next. And then the next. I start to shake my ass a little, my hips moving in steep circles.

“Slap my ass.”

That’s the first time that sentence has left my lips—ever.

He slaps it. I put two fingers on Maya’s clit. He slaps it again—harder this time—as he puts another two fingers inside her. She starts to moan as I kiss her nipples, sucking a little as I go. I didn’t think I’d want to go down on her, but I do. Badly. I push her up the bed, leaning down deeper as Kellam puts his hands back on my hips. My legs are shaking. I start to kiss her other lips.

I’ve never eaten a woman out before, but I navigate Maya like a goddamn vet. I suck on her clit, like I’d like a guy to suck on mine. I lay my tongue flat and warm, like I’d like a guy to lay his. I vary my pace, I use my fingers…I make quick, wet figure eights around her clit. Some of her moans are light and airy—others are long and deep. She sounds like good sex feels.

The three of us play for hours, switching positions, taking breaks just to feel each other’s bodies, sipping on that Merlot, telling each other what we want—listening, and delivering. By the time the sun rises, we’ve all orgasmed more than once. Prior to tonight, Kellam hadn’t made me come.

Happily exhausted, I light a cigarette as Maya gets dressed.

“Sleep here,” I urge her, “You’re welcome.”

“Nah, that’s okay. This was fun. You guys are…fun. But I want to sleep in my own bed.”

She pushes into my thigh as she takes a drag. Kellam’s already snoring.


“My über’s here. Maybe I’ll see you at Pianos again.”

She runs her hand up my thigh, pushing into me one last time as she gives me a kiss.

“Yeah, maybe you will. Thank you for tonight—really. This was…”

She smiles.


“Bye.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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