The Perfect Playlist For When You Need To Chill The Fuck Out

My love language is making music playlists. You’re welcome.
Etienne Boulanger

If you’re anything like me, you are an actual anxious pile of skin and bones that somewhat resemble a human. So fun! You ever just sit around, thinking about french fries when suddenly your brain says, “HEY, WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF THERE WAS AN EARTHQUAKE RIGHT NOW?” Très chic!

For me, music is, and always will be, a major release. So at the end of hellish week, I need a playlist that lets me CALM THE EFF DOWN.

If you’re looking to get in bed, stare at the ceiling, and contemplate your very existence, I’ve got you covered.

Press play and close your eyes. Be warned, this isn’t Enya shit.

Personal favorites from the list:

Bed Peace – Jhené Aiko ft. Childish Gambino

Only Jhené Aiko could still sound angelic and pure saying, “We make love and then we fuck.”

Dove In The Wind – SZA ft. Kendrick Lamar

SZA is magic. Her debut album, Ctrl, is magic. Kendrick Lamar’s line, “Pussy is so undefeated, let’s amen to that” is magic.

Don’t Wanna Fall In Love – Kyle

Kyle is blowing up right now and it fills my heart with all these fuzzy feels. I caught him opening for G-Eazy waaaaay back when and instantly fell in love. He’s so down to earth and approachable. I once deemed him as the King of Happy Hip Hop, because that’s exactly what he is. Dude has lines that reference Pokémon, Super Smash Bros, and various superheroes. Kyle’s music makes you smile and want to dance, regardless of who might be watching. Super Duper, indeed.

Heebiejeebies – Aminé ft. Kehlani

I’ve never seen your type of species / Give me heebiejeebies / Attitude Kahleesi

I MEAN 😍😍😍😍😍

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