Literally Just 19 Photos Of Peter From ‘The Bachelorette’ Looking Hot As Hell

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Peter Kraus, one of Rachel’s suitors on this season’s The Bachelorette. I MEAN, HELLO. MY VAGINA CALLED, IT’S HAVING SOME FEELINGS. (Sorry, Rachel!) Here are 19 photos of Peter looking G-O-O-D. Seriously, that’s all this article is. It doesn’t get deeper. I’m paid to do this. Hi, Mom!

1. here he is after playing handball.

2. Here he is looking sexy playing the world’s least sexy sport.

3. here he is working out.

4. HEre he is working out or like, idk, maybe practicing for cirque du soleil??

5. here he is looking like a J.Crew model.

6. here he is looking like a damn ken doll.

7. here he is pole dancing.

8. here he is being santa.

9. Here he is in mississippi.

10. here he is having a beautiful face.

11. here he is being a salt and pepper god.

12. here he is being a dude from wisconsin.

13. here he is with a terrifying looking mascot.

14. here he is being from wisconsin again.

15. here he is looking futuristic af.

16. here he is not wearing underwear or pants.

17. HERE he is looking like a snack.

18. here he is saving a fake baby.

19. HERE HE IS being the most gorgeous man i’ve ever seen, jesus christ!!!!

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