15 Times ‘Arrested Development’ (Sadly) Summed Up Dating In Your 20s

1. When your Tinder date goes terribly

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2. When they try to go for a kiss when you haven’t given any indications you want them to


3. When you just found out the only person you’re really interested in has a significant other


4. When your ex gets engaged before you do

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5. When you wake up and remember what you did last night

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6. When you realize you hooked up with someone who voted for Trump

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7. When you look at your Snapchat after a night of drinking

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8. When you see your is crush happy and in love


9. When you meet someone funny, intelligent, and attractive

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10. When the loser who ghosted you suddenly reappears


11. Whenever you see those wedding hashtag name combinations on Instagram, like #HappilyEverHanson.

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12. When someone super hot is also nice to you


13. When they call (????) instead of texting

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14. When someone says, “How could you possibly be single?”

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15. When you meet someone with great health insurance

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