21 Things You’ll Only Relate To If You Grew Up Doing Girl Scouts

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1. After all this time, you still remember the lyrics to the “Make New Friends” song. (One is silver and the other’s gold.)

2. Selling cookies was a competitive sport. And you were always slightly bitter that you never sold the most. (If you were one of the ones that did sell the most, WHATEVER, GOOD FOR YOU, NICOLE!!!)

3. Speaking of cookies, you were always trying to bribe your parents to sell cookies at their place of work.

4. Orrrr to just buy a ton of boxes themselves.

5. Occasionally you opened a box to snack and then your parents had to buy it. It was just so tempting, okay?!

6. To this day, no job interview has ever made you quite as nervous as going up to rando’s doors to ask if they want to buy girl scout cookies did.

7. You were either Team Tagalongs or Team Thin Mints. Sorry, only weirdos liked Samoas.

8. The daughter of the troop leader was drunk with power.

9. You met some of your best friends through Girl Scouts.

10. …but you also met some seriously annoying girls too.

11. You secretly hated at least one girl in the troop.

12. Bridging was INTENSE. There were candles and emotional speeches. It’s as if you were ascending to a new spiritual plane.

13. Summer meant camping complete with s’mores, sing-alongs, and counselors with weird names like Glitter Fairy or Honey Bee.

14. That ugly vest (or sash) was a source of true pride. You wore it like pure couture.

15. Badge placement was VERY IMPORTANT. And stressful.

16. Having a fully decked out vest was the equivalent of wearing trophies. There was always one girl with an impressive amount. It was intimidating. How did she do it? When did she sleep? Did she have time to do her homework too??!

17. It is important to note not all badges are created equal. Some of those things were painfully easy to get.

18. Aaaaand, let’s be real, you probably didn’t fully deserve every single badge you “earned”. Sometimes requirements were, uh, fudged a bit.

19. The Girl Scout Law is still pretty solid life advice. (I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, etc.) 

20. You learned the importance of community and humanitarian work. You saw  the benefits to working together and supporting other girls/women.

21. Even now, girl power continues to pulse through your veins. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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