I Don’t Find Religion Fascinating

Cristina Gottardi
Cristina Gottardi

I grew up with a Jewish father, a mother inspired by Wicca,
and agnostic teachings.

Essentially, parents who told me I could decide what I wanted to be.

It was up to me to question what needed to be questioned.

Better to seek out the answers instead of taking things at face value, they’d say.

I try to study religious documents but bore easily.

I can’t relate to ancient texts and consider the man on the corner screaming scriptures at the sinners walking by far more terrifying than the choice to live with uncertainty.

I don’t have a concrete set of beliefs. I am amenable.
An ear to the ground, I am willing to listen and admit when I’ve been wrong.
I have no interest in idols. Worship has never been in my vocabulary.

If there is a God, I believe she would be less interested in the specifics.
There would be no tally system of how often you prayed to her or who you successfully converted.

If there is a God, I believe she would be amenable, too.

An ear to the ground, hands outstretched.

She would ask you to question,
To never let faith be the only force driving you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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