32 Things I Googled In January

Bachelor In Paradise
Bachelor In Paradise

1. How much would it be to freeze my eggs?

2. How much would I get if I donated my eggs?

3. Are there any cases of humans hibernating?

4. How old is Nicholas Cage?

5. List of Buffy The Vampire Slayer filming locations.

6. Did Amanda and Josh from Bachelor In Paradise break up?

7. How many calories are in a bottle of wine?

8. Exercises that burn 500 calories.

9. My own name.

10. Why did Aaron Sorkin leave The West Wing?

11. Cute songs that make you want to dance.

12. Phone numbers for representatives.

13. Can antidepressants stop working?

14. Alternatives to Uber.

15. How to donate to ACLU.

16. How tall is Billy Eichner?

17. Best contemporary poetry books.

18. How to qualify for Raya.

19. A work out routine for lazy people.

20. Is LaCroix bad for you?

21. Is sleeping 12 hours a day unhealthy?

22. Cosmetic companies that are cruelty-free.

23. Seth Green.

24. Cool cocktails to order at a bar.

25. Funniest Netflix comedy specials.

26. My ex boyfriend’s LinkedIn.

27. Intersectional feminist theory in literature.

28. Actor who played Parker in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

29. Cotton underwear.

30. When is happy hour?

31. Boxing classes for beginners.

32. Gluten-free pizza nearby. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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