Your Mouth Is A Question Mark


Your mouth is a question mark.
I’m sorry for all my exclamations.
Eager spills out my lips
and I’ve never known the right way to contain it.

I get nervous and drink three glasses of wine
before I see you. So many men have kneeled
before me, but you – you’ve got a question mark
mouth so I’m not sure where I fit in.

I want to make out, but you don’t like kissing in public.
I get it, I say. I also hate PDA. It’s dark though.
It’s dark in here. Who would see?

I don’t think I like it, you know?
The way I’m so (!!!!) around you.
Emojis and things that
embarrass me in the morning.

I wonder if you think I’m cool and get ready to provide
a PowerPoint if you’re still not sure.

Is this infatuation or self-loathing?
I like men with question marks.
I like men who text me sporadically,
God forbid someone actually act

So what if this isn’t a Cheap Trick?
Maybe I just want you to want me.

I just want you to want me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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