5 Mortifying Moments You’ll Face The Morning After Getting Sloppy Drunk With Your Friends

1. Checking your Snapchat story for evidence of just how terrible you were

The even more terrifying moment? Seeing you both received Snapchats and responded to people, but because it’s Snapchat and designed to disappear, your confused, hungover self is left to ponder what went down.

2. The confirmation that you were, in fact, One Hot Mess

STOP LIP SYNCING, MY GOD. PUT DOWN THE PHONE! And why did you send that one random hook up a Snapchat at 1 am?!? Whyyyyyy?!?!?!

3. Realizing you texted that one ex you’re still in love with

I mean, it’s fine. You’re fine. Everything is FINE.

4. Being told (in detail) by your friend about the most embarrassing thing you did

You challenged the dude next to you at the bar to a Buffy trivia challenge and after he declined, you claimed yourself as The Chosen One? Cool, cool, cooooool.

5. Receiving a text from an unknown number that just says, “heyyy :)”

Do you roll with it? Do you say new phone, who dis? Is that joke way outdated now? Am I even here? Are any of us here?

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