13 Questions To Ask Before Reaching Out To Your Ex

Mathew MacQuarrie
Mathew MacQuarrie

1. Do I actually miss them or am I just lonely?

2. Is there someone else I can talk to right now instead?

3. What response am I hoping to receive?

4. Will I be crushed if they don’t respond?

5. Will any progress I’ve made moving forward be eliminated if they do respond?

6. Would it break my heart if they told me they were dating someone else?

7. Am I capable of being their friend without any romantic feelings attached?

8. Would they be happy to hear from me?

9. Did they ask for space?

10. Would it be selfish of me to initiate a conversation?

11. Is what I’m feeling a temporary nostalgia?

12. How well do I even know them anymore?

13. Would it be better to turn off my phone? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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