11 Very, Very Real Moments Every Girl Dealing With Her Period Has Experienced

Tim Marshall
Tim Marshall

1. Having to wash out bloody underwear despite wearing a tampon and/or a maxi pad DESIGNED FOR THE NIGHTTIME. What??? Sorry, Calvin Kleins, it’s time to scrub-a-dub-dub.

2. Sneezing super hard while wearing a tampon and being concerned that it slightly dislodged.

3. Not being sure if you just peed or your period arrived.

4. Being a day or two late and convincing yourself you’re 100%, absolutely, no doubt about it pregnant. (…Even if you haven’t even had sex recently.)

5. Looking down in the shower and wondering if this is actually how they filmed that classic scene in Psycho.

6. Your period deciding to show up unexpectedly when you’re about to hook up with someone. Because your period is a total dick like that. Not cool, Aunt Flo, not cool.

7. Wondering if you are PMSing or just suddenly hate the entire world and everyone in it while simultaneously wanting love and attention but also DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH ME!

8. Underestimating how long your period is going to last and waking up with A BLOODY SPOT AGAIN WTF, I THOUGHT WE WERE DONE?!?!

9. Wiping yourself after peeing and your hand looking like a crime scene.

10. Eating everything in your fridge. Everything.

11. Hating yourself for eating everything in the fridge. UGH, YOU BLOATED, SAD, MOODY CREATURE. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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