10 Reasons You Should Be Glad As Hell You’ve Got A Big Booty

To all the bootylicious ladies out there, I salute you.

1. You’ll always have a built-in seat cushion. Chair uncomfortable? No worries. You came prepared.

2. Even if you’re not a great dancer, your butt will still jiggle without too much twerk – I mean, work required.

3. You’re easily recognizable from behind. Which is good, you know, in case you get separated from your group of friends.

4. Your butt can double as a drum. No equipment needed!

5. People will always be happy to see you coming. And going.

6. Apparently, there’s a chance you might be healthier just by having that blessed booty.

7. You take one 🔥🔥🔥 belfie.


8. It’s thought that having a larger derrière can help keep your body balanced during pregnancy.

9. And there’s never a shortage of boys in your yard.

10. In summation, THAT ASS THOUGH.

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