Does Sex On The First Date Ruin The Chance At A Relationship? These 13 Men And Women Weigh In

Noah Kalina
Noah Kalina

1. “No, of course not. It’s such an archaic idea that if you have sex on the first date you’ve somehow ruined your chance with that person. My current boyfriend and I slept together very quickly (like, three hours within meeting) and we’re still together and extremely happy. If it happens, it happens. No need to make yourself guilty over something we all enjoy doing.” — Layla, 28

2. “If someone decides they’re not into you anymore after having sex, I hate to break it to you, that wasn’t going to bloom into any kind of relationship anyway.” — Ben, 26

3. “No way. If the chemistry is there, go for it. I’d rather figure out if we’re sexually compatible before getting invested.” — Jody, 26

4. “I wouldn’t say it ruins it. But if I’m being honest, a bit of mystery is lost if you have sex right away. Not saying a relationship won’t still happen. But I’ve definitely slept with people quickly and then lost interest.” — Avery, 29

5. “It depends. How’s the sex?” — Austin, 25

6. “I’m old-fashioned and don’t believe in sex before monogamy. So, I’d say yes. But that’s a personal decision and not some general rule.” — Mindy, 23

7. “Hell no it doesn’t ruin anything. If you’re really into someone, why wouldn’t you want to have sex? Seems like a no-brainer to me.” — Luke, 31

8. “I prefer waiting a bit. You just can’t achieve the same level of intimacy on a first date as you would having sex after getting to know each other more.” — Hayley, 25

9. “It’s probably different for everyone. I don’t think it works to assign one rule like that to apply to all. I bet it works for some, doesn’t for others.” — Jeff, 27

10. “I usually have sex on the first date. Sometimes it resulted in a relationship. Sometimes it was just a fun night. I don’t think you need to stress over it either way. If something’s meant to be, it’ll be.” — Danny, 29

11. “I don’t judge anyone who does, but I’ve found that if you sleep together too fast, there’s an expiration date on the relationship. But that’s just my experience.” — Kayla, 25

12. “Honestly? It doesn’t matter. And if someone tries to convince you it’s a deal breaker in dating, they’re very confused about what year it is.” — Jay, 24

13. “Yes, you run the risk of getting attached to someone after sex and it not going anywhere. But isn’t the case with dating in general?” — Morgan, 25 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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