5 Signs That Break Up You Just Had Was Actually The Best Thing Ever

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1. It’s like some sort of weight has been lifted.

There was a heaviness you were carrying around that seems to have disappeared. This doesn’t mean you won’t also be sad or nostalgic for better times, but overwhelmingly there’s a sense of relief that you can’t deny.

2. This is the first time you’ve been actually alone in what feels like forever.

Being alone is not a bad thing. In fact, learning how to enjoy being alone can benefit you for the rest of your life. Look at this break up as a chance to do just that. Now you can take this time to check in with yourself – what do you want? What’s important to you?

3. Your friends seemed super relieved.

It’s not like friends always know best. But these ARE the people who know you preetttttyyy well and who want what’s in your best interest. So, if they seem happy to see your ex go, maybe that means your ex wasn’t great to begin with.

4. You were putting your own dreams on hold.

Maybe it wasn’t even intentional. Sometimes we settle into relationships and stop pursuing the things we always said we would. Look at this as an opportunity to reevaluate your passions and get back on track.

5. Jealousy was a common issue in your relationship.

There’s this weird idea that jealousy shows how much someone cares for you. Wrong. Jealousy is something we all feel on occasion, but if it’s a constant theme in your relationship, something is seriously off. If there isn’t trust, the green monster can run rampant. And that’s just exhausting after a while. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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