In 2017, I Hope We Are Kinder To Each Other

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2016 has felt like a nightmare that we just can’t wake up from. We keep shaking our heads, keep blinking. We’re pinching our cheeks hoping something is going to come into focus. Like – BOOM – this has all been a fucked up Wizard Of Oz-ish episode and reality isn’t so bad.

I like thinking about this alternative universe. There, we’re always kind and love each other. We aren’t this divided. We aren’t this cruel. We recognize differences and strive to find similarities. No one throws stones. No one leaves angry, anonymous internet comments.

Instead, we ask questions. But not the kind dripping with judgement. We just want to learn. Every answer is stored away in some communal library that we all have access to. If something is new, we do not shun it. We welcome it. Here, we’re not afraid of the unknown.

I don’t anticipate this being 2017’s landscape. But I’ve always been a dreamer. Astrology fans would say it’s because I’m a pisces. I say it’s because I want to believe in the good. I want to believe we can do better, that we are better.

In 2017, Facebook fights do not happen. They are open dialogues.

There is no sexism, racism, transphobia, xenophobia, or ageism. We embrace everyone who approaches us and say, “You are welcome here. You’re human and I love you.”

I rub the sleep from my eyes and pretend I’ve woken to a new place. A new time. Here we are, look at all this unapologetic glory. Look at this love pouring out every spout.

In 2017, we hold people accountable for their actions. When someone is out of line, we don’t let it go. We create a community that keeps one another in check. And when someone is wrong, we call them on it. But not for show, not to be applauded. We do it for a better community.

In 2017, there’s a happiness that’s palpable. Maybe it doesn’t always last, but god dammit, we try. We kiss each other and the joy is transmitted from our lips. We believe and love and try and do our fucking best. Isn’t that something? We do our best. We give our best. Every single day. We give our best.

It’s never perfect. God knows, we try. It’s never perfect.

But damn, we try. In 2017, we try. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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