How I Remember Us

Sweet Ice Cream Photography
Sweet Ice Cream Photography

How I remember it:

Your mouth
& mine.

Me telling you I’m afraid of most things
& you kissing me anyway.

How I remember it:

There is an empty road and we dance
with your radio cranked all the way up.
Normally, this kind of scene would
make me laugh, call out the fake
romanticism of something that seems
plucked straight out of a B level romcom.

But you kiss me
& I listen to that stupid Taylor Swift song
Today Was A Fairytale with the biggest smile
on my face & honestly,
I don’t even really like Taylor Swift that much.
But I’m 18 and sober,
but still drunk on it all.

How I remember it:

The first time I trusted someone cared for me
the exact way they promised they did
& you did
& I did
& I don’t know how we ended up
so far away.

How I remember it:

love, love, love, love.
all that’s left here is love,
we’re swimming in it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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