5 Things Every Homebody Is Secretly Dying For You To Do

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1. Cancel your plans with them.

This is truly the homebody’s drug of choice. There’s a great John Mulaney joke, “Canceling plans is like heroin. It is an amazing feeling. Such instant joy.” And the homebody knows just how truthful this is. They’ll never be mad at you for flaking or asking to postpone things. They will be relieved. Because honestly, they were probably staring at their phone for the past 30 minutes prior trying to think of an excuse to bail anyway.

2. Stop inviting them to group outings.

Okay, leaving the house is already not their favorite thing to do. But jumping into a social situation with more than 3 people in attendance? Oh yikes, that’s a nightmare. They prefer one-on-one scenarios. So yeah, go ahead and skip inviting them to your giant college reunion party because it sounds terrible.

3. Let them use your Netflix, HBO GO, or Amazon Prime account.

It’s pretty likely that they already have their own set up going because you know, binge-watching is a sport to them. But should you choose to share your login info with them, you will be elevated to heroic status in their eyes. Bless you.

4. Tell them, “You can totally wear sweatpants to the bar!”


5. Ask if they want to watch a Harry Potter marathon.

The answer is yes. A thousand times, yes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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