5 Reasons To Marry The Girl Who Is BFFs With Her Mom

Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls

1. She’s probably going to become a good mom herself.

Which, if you’re looking to build a future family with someone, is a pretty great thing to have. Her mom isn’t just a mom, but a close confidante and someone she trusts. They’ve figured out that important balance in the parent-child-friend scenario, and struck the perfect spot. Because of this, your girlfriend has excellent parenting to model her eventual own after. You learn from the best, right?

2. She’s willing to listen and take your advice.

Even when she didn’t WANT to always hear it, she appreciated what her mother had to say and considered her advice. This is a skill that is so crucial in the person you choose to be life-long partners with. We all have moments of stubbornness, of being stuck in our ways or ideas, but the girl who has been BFFs with her mom knows when it’s time to sit back and absorb what someone else is saying.

3. She’s fiercely loyal.

To this day, if someone bad-mouths her mom, ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE. And if she loves you, she’ll have your back too.

4. She puts family first.

And when you marry her, you’ll become part of said family. You’re a priority, and she’ll work hard to make sure you always know that. (But you better be willing to do the same, ya dig?)

5. You’ll get the coolest bonus mom, ever.

If your girlfriend is tight with her mom, and you like your girlfriend, hot chance you’ll like her mother too. See how that works? But…not in a creepy way! Please don’t lust after your girlfriend’s mom. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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