12 Couples Share Their Secret To Keeping The Spark Alive In A Long Term Relationship


1.“I think just talking to each other. We make it a point to talk about our days, and not just in some mechanical ‘how was work?’ way. We really talk. Keeping the lines of communication open is so important in a relationship, especially if you’ve been together a long time. My partner and I can discuss anything and creating that kind of intimacy makes us something really special.” — Liza & Zane

2. “Never stop showing up for each other. Continue being each other’s biggest support. It’s easy to slip into a place of comfort and routine. That’s great and all, but keep. showing. up. Keep making an effort.” — Joanna & Paris

3.“Touch. Not just intimately. Create a physical connection every single day.” — Ben & Desiree

4. “I’m not sure that there’s ONE secret. Just keep committing to the relationship and remembering why you love the person you’re with.” — Wilson & Tess

5. “My husband and I always make time for date night. Doesn’t matter how busy our schedules are, we CREATE the time. It’s easy to put things off because other stuff gets in the way. But especially now that we have kids, we make it a priority to have one day a week totally dedicated to us and our relationship.” — Emily & Abe

6. “I think it’s about keeping a little mystery in the relationship. Sorry, but we’ll just never be one of those couples that just pees with the door open.” — Alyssa & Dave

7. “Make each other feel wanted. Sexually, emotionally, all of that.” — Kim & Paul

8. “Keep things fresh. Try new things in bed. Or go on adventures together. Routine is cool and all, but make sure you still act spontaneously together.” — Eliza & Hank

9. We’re big believers in the occasional threesome. This doesn’t work for everyone, but we look at it as an experience together.” — Amy & Mike

10. “Find something you both equally love and enjoy it together. My wife and I are really into collecting vinyl records. So, we usually take a day to go dig through bins and it’s a blast. It really solidifies our bond. Having something in common is crazy important.” — Duke & Hope

11. “Go down on each other. And don’t stop going down on each other even if you’ve been together a while.” — Ana & Jeremy

12. “I don’t know, just take the time to appreciate one another? Sometimes we forget to do this after being with someone for a while. But it’s important. And it makes a difference.” — Kath & Declan Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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