12 Signs You Need A Break From Dating (Because Being Super Single Is Going To Be Good For You)

Elena Montemurro
Elena Montemurro

1. The idea of meeting up with someone is more exhausting than it is exciting.

2. You feel an immediate sense of relief when you cancel a date. Or even if you do go through with it, you’re basically fighting the urge to text, “So sorry! Something came up!” all the way up until the actual date occurs. Even then, you’re calculating possible ways to get out and go back home.

3. You keep comparing everyone to an old flame or someone else from your past.

4. You go straight from relationship to relationship with little to no time in between to process the previous break up.

5. You’re avoiding focusing on what’s really bothering you. Maybe you’re struggling with your sense of self, purpose, or general direction. There are some difficult questions down deep you know you should be addressing, but instead you use your romantic life as one giant distraction.

6. You keep telling lies. When you’re meeting someone new, you let little lies slip out. You edit your life to sound more appealing. You don’t feel like you can be your authentic self.

7. Sex feels like an obligation. It’s no longer about your pleasure or satisfaction; it’s just something you do.

8. You need romantic validation to feel good about yourself.

9. Being alone FREAKS. YOU. OUT. You’ll do anything to avoid being totally solo.

10. You’re constantly expecting the worst. Until you gain at least SOME level of optimism, it’ll continue being a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think bad things, bad things will keep happening.

11. You’re confused about your longterm goals. You’re in a nebulous state, nothing feels concrete. You don’t know what you want or what you’re looking for.

12. You’re not ready to be open. Because let’s be real, if you’re closed off, there’s no way something sincere will develop. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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