I Met The Love Of My Life While Playing Pokémon Go


It was a numbingly average Friday night. I’d just finished working and was whipping myself up a much deserved margarita to celebrate the end of the work week. After a Hellish few days that included family tension and a figure from my past deciding to mysteriously show up again, I was drained. I figured I’d get a gentle buzz and then go to the nearest gym.

Lol, no. Not an athletic gym. You think that’s how I spend my Friday nights? I’ve got a life, you know. No, I was headed to a spot much cooler and with far fewer thick-necked ‘roid enthusiasts. I was channeling my inner Ash and going out to catch ’em all.

I’ll admit it, I rolled my eyes when the app first appeared. Sure, when I was 9, I would rush home from school to watch Pokémon before my mom caught on and had me turn it off in exchange for homework. But as a fully grown woman, I had evolved past the Pikachus of the world. I was more focused on things like tax returns and deciding whether or not I should include vision in my health insurance.

But as exciting as that all sounds, there was still the faintest hint of a voice that would creep in when I went to bed. I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.

I couldn’t deny it.

Having just joined Team Instinct, I was excited to go to the nearest gym (which my team owned) and drop a Pokémon there to defend our turf. I had settled on a Growlithe, man’s best friend, loyal, a cute lil’ pup.

But nothing could have prepared my heart for what was about to happen.

There, at the park, with cell phone in hand, I met the man of my dreams.

He was tall and ruggedly handsome – a cliche way to describe someone, but I was so flustered by just how attracted to him I was, I didn’t make note of the specifics. We were the only two in the park, surprising considering this gym had been so busy the day before. He looked up from his phone and smiled, knowing I was there with the same motive.

“Team Instinct?” He asked.

I swallowed hard. Team Instinct, all right. Team I Want Him To Make Me BulbaSORE.

After some shameless flirting, he mentioned knowing where a local Poké Stop was and, if I’d like, he could take me there. I made a joke about it being his apartment. It wasn’t, but we both knew that’s where this romance would eventually end up. Not to brag, but I’m a bit of an Ash in the streets and Misty in the sheets.

As intense as it was, our attraction wasn’t just surface level. There was some undeniable connection neither of us could explain. It’s as if we’d known each other our entire lives, we just needed a little help from the Universe to actually meet.

Now, I can’t imagine spending another day apart. Maybe it’s not about catching them all. Maybe it’s about catching the one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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