10 People Discuss What Made Them ‘Break Up’ With Their Friend

Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson


“She fucked my boyfriend. I got a lovely two-for-one break up deal out of that situation.”

— Nicole


“It’s weird. I guess I ‘broke up’ with her because I realized she was kind of toxic. She always made fun of me and I put up with it for a while because I figured I was being too sensitive and she was just joking. But after enough time, I got tired of feeling shitty. A friend should build you up, not knock you down.”

— Leila


“I thought my buddy was pretty cool, but then he’d get drunk and hit on my girlfriend. Once or twice, whatever. We all do stupid shit when we’re drunk. But once my girl made it clear it made her uncomfortable, he should have immediately stopped. But he didn’t. So I punched him. And that was that.”

— Mike


“Mine’s pretty extreme. I had a close friend who was really important in my life. My family went through a tremendous loss – my brother died in a car accident. And my friend was not there for me at all. I was in so much pain and needed to know I had people around me who loved and cared for me. But when shit got real, she was nowhere to be found. And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get over it. I couldn’t forgive her for it.”

— Cece


“We were friends since childhood and it became a friendship of convenience, not mutual interest. We didn’t have a big fight or blow out. We sort of just grew apart. I think we both realized we didn’t have a lot in common and as we drifted, neither of us made an effort to change things.”

— Ezra


“We grew up together but after college, he couldn’t get his life together. I tried to help, but there’s only so much you can do for something who insists on continuously fucking up.”

— Marisol


“We sort of just stopped being friends. Neither of us did anything. I guess some relationships just have expiration dates.”

— Fabian


“She judged every little thing I did and when I tried to talk to her about it, she got defensive and pissed off. I did my best to smooth things out but eventually it was like, why am I even bothering at this point? My life has honestly gotten so much better since we stopped hanging out.”

— Carmen


“I was the one that got broken up with, I guess. To this day I still have no idea why. She just stopped talking to me. It still hurts.”

— Viv


“She was a bitch. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure it out.”

— Blake

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