12 Struggles That Are Way Too Real If You Grew Up A Non-Athletic Kid


1. Sounding super lame whenever people ask, “Did you do any sports growing up?” Well, does running away from your responsibilities count?

2. Dreading gym class with every fiber of your being.

3. For the ladies out there, you definitely pulled a “Blame The Period” as to why you couldn’t participate in P.E. that day.

4. It wasn’t uncommon for you to beg your parents to sign you out of school when it was time for your class to run the mile.

5. You’d immediately switch from running to walking whenever the teacher momentarily looked away.

6. You knew you were always going to be picked last for team sports in class (and you didn’t blame them).

7. You ducked whenever a ball came hurdling at your face. Which, to be fair, seems like it should be a normal human instinct…but whatever…

8. You made a habit out of tripping on nothing.

9. Absolutely dreadful hand eye coordination. It was a miracle when you made it an entire day without falling into something or someone.

10. You had a tinge of jealousy every time you walked into your friend’s room and saw all their trophies lined up on the desk.

11. Not only were you not naturally athletic, you just didn’t care. “So you want me to kick that ball and then run after it? But like, why?”

12. You felt awkward whenever someone would invite you to a sporting event. Because you had to either A) admit you don’t know any of the rules or what’s going on in the game or B) say, “No thanks, that sounds awful.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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