23 Signs You Are Absolutely More Dog Than Human


1. You get really, really excited when it’s dinner time.

2. Sometimes when you smell something super delicious, you drool a little.

3. You believe there is no such thing as too many treats.

4. Anyone who willingly shares food with you immediately becomes your new best friend.

5. …You just really love eating, okay?!

6. You’re easily distracted by your environment. So many sights! So many smells! How are you supposed to ever focus on just one thing?

7. There’s nothing you love more than someone playing with your hair. *whispers* touuuchhhh meeeeee

8. Like straight up, all you want in life is a nice ol’ head massage. Is that too much to ask? Just a few lovely scratches when you’re feeling stressed and want to relax. 😊😊😊

9. Let’s be honest, you’re pretty damn easy to please.

10. You have an undying desire to be liked by everyone you meet.

12. You have a tendency to shower the people you love with serious affection.

13. You’re a lover, not a fighter.

14. You’re incredibly loyal. You will go to the ends of the Earth for your people.

15. Family means everything to you.

16. You’re suspicious of cats. You like them and all, but the last time you tried to play with one it scratched the hell out of you. So, safe to say you’re a bit more cautious now.

17. You’re a huge fan of napping.

18. You have freakishly good hearing.

19. And because of that, loud noises really freak you out. (Fourth Of July?!?! More like Fourth Of DIE. What’s with all these fireworks? IT’S VERY UNSETTLING!!)

20. When you get too excited, you pee a little.

21. You’re much more social butterfly than lone wolf.

22. You are SO stoked whenever someone new comes over. NEW FRIENDS! NEW PEOPLE! I CAN’T WAIT TO LOVE YOU!!!!

23. You hate vacuuming. (Don’t ask, okay?) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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