Never Forget Prince’s Stunning Super Bowl Halftime Performance

People were worried about the possibility of rain during Super Bowl XLI, but when it started to pour, like a true visionary artist, Prince somehow seemed to make it seem like the weather was all part of his set.

I’ve been struggling trying to find the words to accurately describe just how big of a loss this is. And maybe that’s because there aren’t any. Not really.

Performer, song-writer, singer, musician — you couldn’t even fit all he that was into a simple bio. Sassy, nonconforming, and endlessly sexy, Prince defined a generation. And his musical ability was nothing short of genius. On his first five albums, he played nearly all the instruments.

Everything is purple today and I’ll be watching this video on loop.

P.S. — If you don’t get chills watching this, you are a robot. Stop pretending to be human, you robot freak. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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