Why ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Is A Toxic Statement


One person gets in trouble when both act out the same,
sitting in the principal’s office,
trembling lambs who know
they’ve done wrong,
but still fear what the butcher may do.

One is a boy,
with hair gelled in blonde spikes.
The other is a girl,
wide-eyed and scared
of the punishment she’ll receive.
See, we made the terrible decision
to cut our friend’s hair without permission
while she sat in front of us.

An inch!

I say.

Just an inch!

It was the boy’s idea and I agree,
still not sure why I’m prone
to saying yes
to things I know are bad.
We are quickly caught and sent
somewhere the dissidents go.

I watch my partner-in-crime
tossed a few harsh words
before he’s released.
A sickening “boys will be boys” sentiment
that will echo in my ears
for the rest of my life.

I stay in the office for 15 more minutes
after my comrade is let go.

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