Welp, Aaron’s Party Is Officially Over: Aaron Carter Announces His Support For Trump

Aaron's Party: Come & Get It
Aaron’s Party: Come & Get It

Well, apparently when you’ve become completely irrelevant the best thing to do is to tweet something controversial. You know what they say, all press is good press…


*cue Aaron Carter*

Remember sweet lil’ Aaron? He just wanted some candy!

Aaron's Party
Aaron’s Party

The now 28 year old went on a strange Twitter rant endorsing the only orange candidate the United States has ever had.

Not having done anything too notable (other than filing for bankruptcy in 2013 due to being $3.5 million in debt), Carter decided to jump in and voice his incredibly well-thought-out political opinion.

…Which he quickly rescinded upon learning Trump isn’t a supporter of LGBTQ rights.

Has he ever watched a GOP Debate? Is he still waiting for people to come to his party? Can we start forcing celebrities into mandatory 72 hour Twitter lock downs?

Also, we know you never beat Shaq. Sit down, boy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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