7 Reasons You Should Date Someone Who Makes You Laugh

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1. They keep your mind sharp.

Everyone knows we’re supposed to exercise to keep our bodies healthy and in shape…But couldn’t you apply the same logic to your brain? Someone who makes you laugh is also going to be the person keeping you on your toes with their natural wit and intelligence. When you’re with them, it’s like a cerebral game of ping-pong, seeing who can make the other laugh more. And personally, I find the idea of hearing jokes far more appealing than running on a treadmill.

2. Awkward moments won’t stay awkward very long; they just become inside joke material.

Let’s be real, life is often sprinkled with some pretty awkward and downright embarrassing moments. None of us are immune. But when you’re with someone who constantly makes you laugh, the awkward stuff dissipates quickly. You can tease each other about it, let it become an inside joke, something you can reminisce over, and (definitely) cringe about as you do so.

3. Boring is a thing of the past.

They can make even the most mundane activities enjoyable. So what if date night doesn’t include helicopter trips over cityscapes, but instead, it’s an adventure in the *PaaaAaaaAarty alarm goes off* GROCERY STORE!!!! Seriously, doesn’t matter what the two of you do together, you’ll be in hysterics the whole time.

4. You likely understand each other in more complex ways.

Sharing a similar sense of humor with someone goes beyond just, “Oh, I think this person is funny.” It also means you have a shared understanding of one another. And that’s hugely important in a relationship.

5. You’ll live longer.

Okay, so I can’t necessarily stand by this with any sort of “money back guarantee” — but laughter is the best medicine. And hey, it’s a prescription you won’t overdose on! Win-win! (But also get that real medicine when you need it. Don’t try to just laugh your pneumonia away, FOOL)

6. They know how to laugh at themselves.

Being with someone who can laugh and not always take everything so seriously is such a goddamn gift. So many things in life ARE serious, so it’s refreshing to be able to relax, joke, and not worry about offending someone. If they know how to make you laugh, they’re also probably pretty okay with occasionally being the bud of the joke.

7. They don’t mind being ridiculous with you.

Silliness is a massively underappreciated aphrodisiac. You can be weirdos together, and real talk, that’s attractive. They aren’t concerned with what people around are thinking, they just want to have fun with you and make you smile. It’s like getting to be a kid again; you’re not concerned with keeping up appearances. You’re just enjoying one another, and all the bizarreness that entails. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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