15 Exciting Parts Of Being In A Relationship (That You Totally Forgot About While Single)


1. That disgustingly cheesy feeling of your stomach lurching when you hear that person’s voice on the phone. It’s like being a teenager all over again; you’re simultaneously giddy and nervous as soon as you answer.

2. Having someone’s hand to hold while you’re doing boring or mundane activities, like grocery shopping or waiting in line at the post office.

3. Muttering the words “my boyfriend/girlfriend/partner” to a total stranger for the first time. Oh, yeah! My boyfriend was just telling me that movie was fantastic. *insert blushing emoji*

4. When you don’t want to be super social, but still want to spend time with your boothang. You can straight up (seriously) Netflix and chill together, letting the idea that society exists outside your four walls disappear for a few hours.

5. You’ve got someone who will willingly take care of you when you’re sick. Plus, major bonus points if they are still attracted to you at your grossest.


7. You can delete all those apps that honestly just make you feel sad and empty. *cough* LOOKING AT YOU, TINDER *cough*

8. How much better regular sex from one person is when compared to getting constant strange. You actually have the opportunity to explore, communicate, learn what one another likes. And all that practice…mmmm.

9. Coordinating Halloween costumes. Like Miss Piggy and Kermit, pre-break up :/

10. Having deep, meaningful conversations with someone you trust. While naked. Talk about vulnerable, AM I RIGHT????

11. Good morning kisses, morning breath be damned.

12. You have an immediate built in excuse to avoid parties you don’t want to go to. My girlfriend just came down with the flu, so I might be contagious and want to take care of her. So sorry I have to miss tonight!

13. Massages. Like, massages you don’t have to pay for.

14. You have someone who can call you out on your shit. They aren’t just trying to say whatever to sleep with you. They’re just telling you the truth. And Babe? Sometimes, we all need someone to give us a dose of honesty.

15. When you realize you can show them who you really are, and not only are they not running away screaming bloody murder, but they actually still like you…woah. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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